Co-Founder & Chairman, The Cooper Spirits Co.

Katie Cooper

Katie Cooper is the owner of The Cooper Spirits Co., an independent producer of innovative, integrity-driven spirits. Katie co-founded the company in 2006 with her husband, the late Robert J. Cooper. Together, the duo created and launched St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur, which the New York Times heralded as one of the most influential cocktail ingredients of the last decade. The company went on to launch other brands, such as Hochstadter’s Slow & Low, Lock Stock & Barrel, as well as revive the historic Crème Yvette liqueur, becoming synonymous with creativity and innovation. 

Katie took the reins of Cooper Spirits upon the untimely passing of Rob in 2016. She sets the company’s overall direction, with special attention paid to new brand conception, PR and marketing. Katie is guiding Cooper Spirits into a new era endowed with tremendous growth and opportunities, with many brand innovations in the pipeline. She takes pride in the fact that the company has a unique ability to get brands into the market as an independent supplier, while competing with larger companies. She leads and inspires a team of experts spanning every facet of the spirits industry, bringing energy, passion and creativity to the forefront.

The Cooper Spirits portfolio includes the Lock Stock & Barrel brand... The high aged, limited-edition rye, released in 13 yr, 16 yr, 18 yr & 20yr age statements, with others forthcoming. Cooper Spirits developed Slow & Low- a brand of bottled Old-Fashioned's- with it's flagship Slow & Low Rock and Rye- a bottled Rye Old-Fashioned. Slow & Low Coffee Old-Fashioned is a collaboration with Intelligentsia Coffee, a pioneering specialty coffee roaster. Slow & Low is available in 750ml format, but also in a 100ml can. In addition, Cooper Spirits revived the historic Crème Yvette, a liqueur that is rooted in the prized French-style of artisanal liqueurs of flowers and berries.

Prior to embarking on her entrepreneurial life with Cooper Spirits, Katie had a five-year stint at Hunter PR in New York City, which specialized in brand building and storytelling. She was attracted to PR as a way to pursue journalism. She then enrolled in the New York School of Interior Design to pursue her talents in the visual arts and utilizes this creativity as she leads the innovative company.

Born in Laguna Beach, Calif., Katie currently resides in Aspen, CO. where she is raising her two children. Katie likes to surf, ski and play tennis and golf. She enjoys a good tipple.