Founded by leaders in the consumer space, The Family Fund is focused on finding, investing and developing the next generation of health & wellness, beauty & personal care, food & beverage, marketplace technologies, e-Commerce solutions and other CPG related brands and tech offerings.


Our mission has always gone beyond financial commitment. Mentoring founders and curating communities of leaders and entrepreneurs who support one another throughout the mystifying journey of starting and growing a company is at the core of The Family Fund.

our investement thesis

We primarily invest in Series A companies, writing checks from $1-2M. Our investment thesis targets today’s most promising consumer and consumer-tech focused companies, ranging from food & beverage, beauty and wellness, to high-tech wearables, healthcare and marketplaces. We expect to make 20-30 investments for Fund I by co-investing alongside top-tier venture firms.

unique community

Our investor base distinguishes us from most other VC funds. With few exceptions, all of our LPs have been or currently are founders & operators of high-growth companies in the consumer and consumer tech space, and are eager to lend their expertise to the next generation of entrepreneurs. We aim to provide the highest amount of value per dollar of investment in our portfolio companies.

curated experiences

A core component of The Family Fund is that we create & curate memorable, once in a lifetime experiences. We bring together our portfolio companies, LPs and entrepreneurs to provide immense opportunity for collaboration, conversation, and innovation. These events range from large multi-day speaker summits to small training sessions, founder dinners, boat-cruises, and cocktail hours.


Our mission is to invest in not just groundbreaking ideas but also in the well-being of the visionary minds behind them. Our unique approach centers around founder wellness, recognizing that a healthy and happy entrepreneur is the driving force behind any groundbreaking venture.


Our focus is on consumer and consumer tech companies. A small percentage of our fund is dedicated to ideas outside of that scope that we find compelling and differentiated.

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