General Partner

Kurt Seidensticker

A serial entrepreneur with three decades of experience, Kurt Seidensticker has successfully grown a number of companies within the e-commerce space before founding a category-creating dietary supplement company, Vital Proteins. Kurt’s passion for health and fitness - and his ambition to help others better their lives through integrative health solutions - became the crux of the Vital Proteins brand, and ultimately, the company’s mission. Kurt founded and led Vital Proteins as CEO through strategic acquisition by Nestle Health Sciences, an exit that made Kurt one of the most successful consumer entrepreneurs of the past decade. Prior to founding Vital Proteins, Kurt began his career at NASA designing space exploration missions and training astronauts how to fly the space shuttle. He then moved into designing and creating the first generation of cellular and internet fiber optic network space, creating the early generation of communications that are still in use today, before shifting into consulting companies across the United States, focusing on the beginning of e-commerce in the early 2000s, the growth and rollout of direct-to-consumer business in the subsequent years, and influencer marketing.